2020 Annual Members' Meeting

Peace Celebrations, Indian Troops Marching Down Whitehall

'Peace Celebrations, Indian Troops Marching Down Whitehall' by Dora Meeson, 1919 (National Army Museum)

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Your Council has decided that the 2020 Annual Members' Meeting and the associated events scheduled to be held on 22 April 2020 will be cancelled due to current government recommendations on the coronavirus pandemic. Members should therefore be aware of the following:

1. The Annual Report & Accounts are available on the website. They have been agreed by Council and recommended to the membership for acceptance. Anyone who has a comment or question is asked to send it to the Treasurer, with a copy to the Secretary, using the email addresses posted on the website. Council will respond as required. If there are no comments, or all have been resolved to the satisfaction of the enquirer, by 22 April 2020, the Report and Accounts will deem to have been accepted by the Society.

2. The terms of the Members of Council will be extended until the next General Meeting with the exception of Ashley Truluck and Will Fletcher who have requested to step down. They are thanked for their support. Council intends to co-opt Major General (Retired) Ewan Carmichael as a Member. It is hoped that he will become the next Chair of Council.

3. The Constitutional amendments circulated with the Spring 2020 edition of the Journal will be deferred to a future General Meeting. The current Constitution will remain the governing document of the Society.

SAHR Council extends its best wishes to all members as we navigate these challenging circumstances.


The Rev Dr Peter Howson
Honorary Secretary
18th March 2020