Volume Ninety (2012)

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Articles and Communications

“There goes the Brave Old Highlander …” Malcolm MacPherson of Phoness (c.1690-c.1778) by Earl John Chapman (p.1)

Charles Palmer (1777-1851): Soldier, Politician, Vineyard Owner and Theatre Proprietor by Brenda J. Buchanan (p.11)

“Injurious to the Service Generally”; Finding Manpower for Northern Europe, 1813 and 1814 by Andrew Bamford (p.25)

Soldier Banker: Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Lawrence as the BEF’s Chief of Staff in 1918 by Paul Harris (p.44)

Unpublished writings of Roger Lamb, Soldier in the American War of Independence Part 2 by D. Hagist (p.77)

The Armies operating in Northern England during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715 by Jonathan Oates (p.90)

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Parade in BAOR (British Army on the Rhine) - A Subaltern’s Reminiscence by Sebastian Roberts (p.110)

The British Army and Technology before 1914 by Nick Evans (p.113)

Louis Desanges and the Missing Victoria Cross Paintings by Major Colin Robbins (p.141)

Passed over for ‘Strong Political Reasons’ – Sir Frederick Maude and the politics of appointment in the Second Afghan War by R. Goldsbrough (p.151)

Amphibians at Heart: The Battle of Copenhagen (1807), The Walcheren Expedition, and the War against Napoleon by Christopher T. Golding (p.167)

Pride of Service: The Dorset Volunteer Rangers 1794-1802 by David Clammer (p.205)

Journal of the Conquest of Canada by (Eds) R. Andrews, E.J. Chapman & P. Goodman (p.225)

Notes and Queries

1913 Evidence of a Protection Scheme for ‘Turned’ Combatants from the 2ndAnglo-Boer War ? (p.70)

1914 94th Foot or Royal welsh Voluntiers (p.70)

1915 Hospital Ships in World War I (p.71)

1916 Drill Manual used by the 78th Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) in North America 1757-1763 (p.123)

1917 Queries regarding the Royal Army Medical Corps and its predecessors (p.125)

1918 A Copeland & Garrett Porcelain bust of the Duke of Wellington (p.126)

1919 The 94th Foot in the West Indies (p.189)

1920 A Private of the Royal Staff Corps (p.189)

1921 Charles Palmer (p.191)

1922 Canadian Honours for War of 1812-tied Regiments (p.247)

Book Reviews

The Capture of Louisbourg 1758 by H. Boscawen (p.72)

Crimea: The Last Crusade by O. Figes (p.73)

Missed Signals on the Western Front, How the slow adoption of Wireless restricted British Strategy and Operations in World War I by M. Bullock & M.A. Lyons (p.75)

Books and the British Army in the Age of the American Revolution by I. Gruber (p.129)

Wellington’s Two Front War: The Peninsular Campaigns at Home and Abroad, 1808-1814 by J. Moon (p.130)

The 2nd Bedfords in France and Flanders 1914-1918 by M. Deacon (Ed) (p.132)

The Final Battle, Soldiers of the Western Front and the German Revolution of 1918 by S. Stephenson (p.133)

Civilians and War in Europe, 1618-1815 by E. Charters, E. Rosenhaft & H. Smith (Eds) (p.134)

Oliver Cromwell, God’s Warrior and the English Revolution by I. Gentles (p.192)

As if an Enemy’s Country, the British Occupation Of Boston and the American Revolution by R. Archer (p.193)

A Hero of Waterloo, Lt-Col Sir Thomas Noel Harris by R. Staines (p.194)

British Generalship during the Great war, the Military Career of Sir Henry Horne (1861-1929) by S. Robbins (p.195)

Reconstructing the Body: Classicism, Modernism and the First World War by A. Carden-Coyne (p.196)

The 56th Infantry Brigade and D-Day. An Independent Infantry Brigade and the Campaign in North-west Europe 1944-1945 by A. Holborn (p.197)

Indian Order of Merit, Historical Records 1837-1947, Vol. 1, 1837-1860 by C. Parrett & R. Chhina (p.248)

Isandlwana, How the Zulus humbled the British Empire by A. Greaves (p.249)

Tank Action in the Great War, B Battalion’s Experiences 1917 by I. Verrinder (p.250)


Doctoral Dissertations and Research Theses on British Military History up to 2010 (p.68)

Winners of the Templer Medal Book Prize (p.135)

Contents of Volume 89 – 2011 (p.137)

Major Accessions to Repositories in 2011 Relating to Military History (p.235)