Volume Ninety Eight (2020)

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Articles and Communications

Captain William Ridge, 17th Foot, 1769-71 by J.A. Houlding (p.1)

The Escape of Balfour's Horse, Lostwithiel, 1644 by Justin Saddington (p.6)

The Battle of Rocoux, 11th October 1746: Three Other Ranks' Accounts by R. Paul Goodman (p.24)

Allen Davenport of the Windsor Forresters; Fencible Cavalry Trooper and Political Activist by Nick Mansfield (p.33)

The Anatomy of a Drum Corps: Drummers and Musicians in the Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry, 1803-1816 by Eamonn O'Keeffe (p.41)

The Nadir of the Regular Army: 28th Division and the Battle for the Hohenzollern Redoubt, September-October 1915 by Spencer Jones (p.58)

The Copper Pattern Waterloo Medal 1815: A Rare Prototype Survivor Linked to Private John Martin, 6th or Inniskilling Dragoons by P.J. Kerry (p.113)

The Provision of Swords to the Cavalry of the Army of George II by Andrew Cormack (p.118)

A Most Pleasing Recreation: The Indian Memoirs of Lt-Col Thomas Hodgetts, 1816-1823, Part 1 by Guy St. Denis (p.131)

The British Army of the Red: The Dominion Forces on Service in Manitoba, 1870-1877 by David Grebstad (p.146)

More Curragh Correspondence, March-April 1914 by Ian F.W. Beckett (p.168)

"Never Mind the Heat, Never Mind the Noise": Understanding the Working Conditions of Tank Crews during the First World War by David Brown (p.175)

Farrier Simpson of the 2nd Life Guards by Andrew Cormack (p.217)

"Sufficiently Different" to the Rest of the Army: The Cheshire Parliamentarian Dragoons in the First Civil War by Andrew Abram (p.220)

The Contribution of the Irish Soldier to Wellington's Peninsular Army, 1808-1814 by Jim Deery (p.239)

A Most Pleasing Recreation: The Indian Memoirs of Lt-Col Thomas Hodgetts, 1816-1823, Part 2 by Guy St. Denis (p.262)

Recruitment of Nigerians for Military Service during the Second World War by Emmanuel Mordi (p.276)

Notes and Queries

2007 The A.V.B. Norman Research Trust (p.81)

2008 Cecil C.P. Lawson 1880-1967: A Postscript (p.81)

2009 Extended Family Service in the Armed Forces (p.84)

2010 Punishing Regimental Women - A Reply (p.86)

2011 The Use of Chain Shot on the Indian Sub-Continent (p.195)

2012 Clothing the Militia, 1759 (p.309)

2013 Yeomanry Cavalry Regimental Marches (p.310)

2014 The Battle of Warburg, 1760 (p.313)

2015 Officers Annotated "Continent" in the Army List (p.314)

2016 A Chelsea Out-pensioner's Certificate (p.315)

Book Reviews

Parliament's Generals; Supreme Command & Politics during the British Wars 1642-1651 by M. Wanklyn (p.89)

The Life of John Andre: The Redcoat who turned Benedict Arnold - Betrayal and Sacrifice in the Revolutionary War by D.A.B. Ronald (p.90)

General Sir Ralph Abercromby and the French Revolutionary Wars 1792-1801 by C. Divall (p.92)

Fashioning Regulation, Regulating Fashion: The Uniforms and Dress of the British Army 1800-1815 Vol. 1 by B. Townsend (p.94)

Lady Butler: War Artist and Traveller 1846-1933 by C. Wynne (p.95)

Letters from Mafeking: Eyewitness Accounts from the Longest Siege of the South African War by E. Spiers (p.96)

On the Dangerous Edge: British and Canadian Trench Raiding on the Western Front 1914-1918 by K. Radley (p.98)

The Making of a Rifles Officer: The Life and Letters of Colonel George Miller, CB, FRS by Elizabeth Laidlaw (p.197)

The History of Toy Soldiers by Luigi Toiati (p.198)

Bloody-Minded Pigott: A Biography of Lt-Col C.B. Pigott, CB, DSO by Laura Kwasniewska (p.200)

Indianization, The Officer Corps, and the Indian Army: The Forgotten Debate, 1817-1917 by Chandar S. Sundaram (p.201)

Dublin's Great Wars: The First World War, The Easter Rising and the Irish Revolution by Richard S. Grayson (p.204)

Fighting the People's War: The British and Commonwealth Armies and the Second World War by Jonathan Fennell (p.206)

The Long Shadow of Waterloo: Myths, Memories and Debates by Timothy Fitzpatrick (p.316)

A British Profession of Arms: The Politics of Command in the Late Victorian Army by I.F.W. Beckett (p.317)

Brave as a Lion: The Life of Field Marshal Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough by Christopher Brice (p.319)

Victoria Cross Bibliography by J. Mulholland & A. Jordan (p.320)

The Allure of Battle: A History of How Wars have been Won and Lost by C.J. Nolan (p.322)

Badges on Battle Dress: An Illustrated History of Cloth Insignia worn on Khaki and Jungle Green by Britain's Armed Forces 1939 to 1967 by Jon Mills (p.323)


Doctoral Dissertations and Research Theses on British Military History by Ian F.W. Beckett (p.304)