Volume Ninety Seven (2019)

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Articles and Communications

'So Distinguished a Regiment' - Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Scots Greys by Stephen Wood (p.1)

"The Fog of War": A Letter from French Flanders, August 1744 by Earl John Chapman and R. Paul Goodman (p.22)

'Day after day adds to our Miseries': The Private Diary of a Staff Officer on the Walcheren Expedition, 1809 - Part 3 by Jacqueline Reiter (p.26)

General James Primrose: Reconstructing a Life - Part 1 by Caroline Jackson (p.45)

Kut 1916 - Why it should be Remembered by Patrick Crowley (p.67)

Captain Moses Ximenes and the Berkshire Fencible Cavalry by Andrew Cormack (p.109)

Military Reputations, Faction and the Press relating to the Sieges of Bristol, July 1643 and September 1645 by Joyce Macadam (p.120)

'Improper Liberties'. Soldiers and Same-Sex Encounters in the early Nineteenth Century by John H. Rumsby (p.137)

General James Primrose: Reconstructing a Life - Part 2 by Caroline Jackson (p.147)

8th Army Operations, May - July 1942 by James S. Colvin (p.168)

The Westminster Dragoons in the First World War by René Chartrand (p.213)

A French Account of the Battle of Malplaquet by Daniel Penant (p.222)

The Honourable Artillery Company Quarterage Book, 1628-1643: New Evidence of the Company's Pre-Civil War History by David R. Lawrence (p.229)

General James Primrose: Reconstructing a Life - Part 3 by Caroline Jackson (p.246)

The Regular Army and the Advance towards Freedom in India and Kenya between 1935 and 1939 by Philip Stigger (p.262)

Jean Louis Ligonier as Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards by Andrew Cormack (p.309)

The Fall of Mrauk, An Episode in the First Anglo-Burmese War, 1825 by Anthony Brown (p.319)

Mining and Counter-Mining in the Crimean War by Yuri Kulikov (p.338)

Mechanization or Conversion: The Yeomanry of 1st Cavalry Division in the Middle East, 1940-42 by Nick Hawkins (p.355)

Notes and Queries

1990 Sergeants of the 1st West India Regiment in New York City, 1860 by René Chartrand (p.78)

1991 Captain Constantine Zula, Greek Light Infantry by Rachel Garrett (p.80)

1992 3 Star Soldier - Meaning of? by Frances Shuckburgh (p.80)

1993 Loot from the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 by Herman van Niekerk (p.81)

1994 Nathaniel Washington Bancroft (p.180)

1995 3 Star Soldier - A Reply by M. O'Neill (p.180)

1996 Problems with Cavalry Swords, Tournai, 1794 by A. Cormack (p.181)

1997 Prize Money for the Capture of the Havannah, 1762 by A. Cormack (p.181)

1998 3 Star Soldier - Another Reply by T. Wright (p.181)

1999 Bibliographic Note for Librarians by A. Cormack (p.182)

2000 Cavalry Amalgamations, 1922 by Maj Colin Robins OBE (p.286)

2001 The Death of Major Richard Davenport, 1760 by Samuel Dodson (p.286)

2002 Services of Interpreters in Egyptian Campaign 1882 by Zeb Micic (p.287)

2003 Punishing Regimental Women by David Clammer (p.376)

2004 3 Star Soldier - A Reply by Tim Wright (p.377)

2005 Supplementary Findings: Quebec 1759: Reconstructing Wolfe's Main Battle Line from Contemporary Evidence by E.J. Chapman and R.P. Goodman (p.378)

2006 Beloved Enemies - Symposium - Great Britain and Spain in the Eighteenth Century by Dr Manuel-Reyes Garcia Hurtado (p.381)

Book Reviews

The Late Lord: The Life of John Pitt, Earl of Chatham by J. Reiter (p.82)

Alfred Munnings: Memory, The War Horse and the Canadians in 1918 by B. Scott & J. Black (p.84)

Publishers, Readers and the Great war: Literature and Memory since 1918 by V. Trott (p.86)

Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914-1918 by A. Fox (p.88)

War and Art: A Visual History of Modern Conflict by J. Bourke (ed) (p.90)

Rails to the Front: The Role of Railways in Wartime by A.J. Veenendaal & H. Roger Grant (p.94)

By Fire and Bayonet: Grey's West India Campaign of 1794 by S. Brown (p.184)

Letters from North America 1758-1761 - the Private Correspondence of Parson Robert Macpherson, 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders) by E.J. Chapman (ed.) (p.186)

Futile Exercise? The British Army's Preparations for War, 1902-1914 by S. Batten (p.188)

British, French and American relations on the Western Front, 1914-1918 by C. Kempshall (p.189)

Indian Order of Merit, Historical Records 1837-1947 - Vol. III - Civil Division 1902-1947 by C. Parrett & R. Chhina (p.191)

Indian Order of Merit, Historical Records 1837-1947: Vol. II - Military Division 1861-1911 by C. Parrett & R. Chhina (p.191)

Rupert Brooke in the First World War by A. Miller (p.193)

Second World War British Military Camouflage: Designing Deception by I. Forsyth (p.195)

A New Way of Fighting: Professionalism in the English Civil War by S. Jones (ed.) (p.288)

Last Outpost on the Zulu Frontiers: Fort Napier and the British Imperial Garrison by G. Dominy (p.289)

Yeomen of the Karoo: The Story of the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital at Deelfontein by R. Willis, A. van Dyck & J.C.'Kay' de Villiers (p.291)

Next to Wellington: General Sir George Murray - The Story of A Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington's Quartermaster General by J. Harding-Edgar (p.294)

Doing their Bit: The British Employment of Military and Civil Defence Dogs in the Second World War by K.B. O'Donnell (p.296)

Behind the Lawrence Legend: The Forgotten Few who shaped the Arab Revolt by P. Walker (p.297)

The Most Heavy Stroke: The Battle of Roundway Down 1643 by C. Scott (p.383)

The Secret Expedition: The Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland 1799 by Geert van Uythoven (p.384)

Fashioning Regulation, Regulating Fashion: The Uniforms and Dress of the British Army 1800-1815 - Vol. 1 by B. Townsend (p.386)

Great Battles: Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana by I.F.W. Beckett (p.387)

'Terriers' in India: British Territorials 1914-1919 by P. Stanley (p.389)

Irish Officers in the British Forces, 1922-1945 by S. O'Connor (p.391)

Secret Service in the Cold War: An SIS Officer from Philby to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Balkans by J.B. Sanderson & M. Sanderson (p.393)

History of the Small Arms School Corps, 1853-2017 by R. Fisher (p.396)


Exhibition Review - Young Wellington in India - Apsley House by Randolf Cooper (p.197)

Doctoral Dissertations and Research Theses on British Military History by Ian Beckett (p.372)

Tributes and Obituaries

Colonel Hugh Boscawen 1954-2018 by Andrew Cormack (p.183)

Arthur Bailey 1938-2019 by Andrew Cormack (p.285)