Volume Ninety Two (2014)

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Articles and Communications

Quebec 1759: Reconstructing Wolfe’s Main Battle Line from Contemporary Evidence by Earl John Chapman & R. Paul Goodman (p.1)

Reflections on the Contributions of British Army Chaplains on the Western Front to the Discussion, in the Winter of 1917-18, of the Nature of Post-War British Society by Peter Howson (p.60)

British-made 16th Century-Style Uniforms for the Loyal Estremadura Legion, 1810 by René Chartrand (p.97)

Steam Tractors and 'Tracked Vehicles' in the Crimean War by Major Colin Robins (p.103)

Choosing officers for the New Model Army, February to April 1645 by Malcolm Wanklyn (p.109)

Battle and the British Army: A Comparative study Of Battle Duration by Tony Ball (p.126)

Military Commemoration in Britain: A Pre-history by Ian F.W. Beckett (p.147)

Major-General George Dean-Pitt - From Glazier and Plumber to Knight of Hanover by Gervase Belfield (p.177)

The Land Battle for Sullivan's Island, Charles Town, South Carolina, June-July 1776 by Kim R. Stacy (p.189)

'Dastardly and Atrocious': Lieutenant Blake, Captain Clune and the Recall of the 55th Foot from the Netherlands, 1814 by Andrew Bamford (p.210)

George Skevington, 10th Hussars by John H. Rumsby (p.223)

Pack Transport: The New Guinea Campaign, January - March 1943 by Georgina Natzio (p.226)

Notes and Queries

1933 The Battle of Landrecies (p.75)

1934 Hulme and Hounslow Cavalry Barracks (p.76)

1935 Lions led by Donkeys (p.76)

1936 International Trumpet and Bugle Calls (p.160)

1937 AVB Norman Trust (p.160)

1938 The Post of Drum-Major General (p.233)

1939 One War to Feed Another (p.235)

Book Reviews

The Amritsar Massacre: The Untold Story Of One Fateful Day by Nick Lloyd (p.69)

Military Loyalists Of The American Revolution: Officers And Regiments, 1775-1783 by Walter Dornfest (p.83)

The Blue Beast: Power And Passion In The Great War by Jonathan Walker (p.83)

Roberts And Kitchener In South Africa, 1900-1902 by Rodney Atwood (p.84)

British Soldiers, American War: Voices Of The American Revolution by Don Hagist (p.85)

Belfast Boys: How Unionists And Nationalists Fought And Died Together In The First World War by Richard S. Grayson (p.86)

Wingate Pasha: The Life Of General Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, 1861-1953, First Baronet Of Dunbar And Port Sudan And Maker Of The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by R.J.M. Pugh (p.87)

The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912: Some New Perspectives by Richard Deller (p.161)

From Boer War To World War: Tactical Reform Of The British Army, 1902-1914 by Spenser Jones (p.162)

Narratives Of The Revolutionary And Napoleonic Wars: Military And Civilian Experience In Britain And Ireland by Catriona Kennedy (p.163)

British Policy And Strategy Towards Norway, 1941-1945 by Christopher Mann (p.164)

Warriors Of The Queen: Fighting Generals Of The Victorian Age by William Wright (p.165)

British Artillery On The Western Front In The First World War: 'The Infantry Cannot Do With A Gun Less' by Sanders Marble (p.166)

War And Politics In The Elizabethan Counties by Neil Younger (p.167)

The Road To Dunkirk: The British Expeditionary Force And The Battle Of The Ypres-Comines Canal, 1940 by Charles More (p.237)

Dunmore'S New World: The Extraordinary Life Of A Royal Governor In Revolutionary America - With Jacobites, Counterfeiters, Land Schemes, Shipwrecks, Scalping, Indian Politics, Runaway Slaves And Two I by James Corbett David (p.238)

Artillery In The Great War by Paul Strong And Sanders Marble (p.240)

Britain Against Napoleon: The Organization Of Victory, 1793-1815 by Roger Knight (p.242)

Soldiering In Britain And Ireland, 1750-1850: Men At Arms, edited by Catriona Kennedy And Matthew Mccormack (p.242)

The Kenya Papers Of General Sir George Erskine, 1953-1955, Edited by Huw Bennett And David French (p.244)

The Thinking Man'S Soldier: The Life And Career Of General Sir Henry Brackenbury, 1837-1914 by Christopher Brice (p.246)


Doctoral Dissertations and Research Theses on British Military History (p.73)

Contents of Volume 91 (p.81)

Winners of the Society's Templer Medal Book Prize (p.248)

Tributes and Obituaries

Leo Cooper as I knew him (p.77)

Eugene Leliepvre - a personal recollection (p.79)