Volume Ninety One (2013)

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Articles and Communications

Lieutenant Charles Campbell, 100th and 99th Regiments of Foot, Quebec, 1832 by René Chartrand (p.1)

Ludlow’s Trained Band: A Study of Militiamen in early Stuart England by Jonathan Worton (p.4)

When this Bloody War is over: The Northumberland Fusiliers in 1918 by Tony Ball (p.24)

Honour Satisfied? The Courts Martial arising in the Brigade of Foot Guards from the Action at Springfield, New Jersey, 23rd June 1780 by Andrew Cormack (p.81)

The Number of Commissioned British Military Officers, 1725-1792 by J.A Houlding (p.92)

‘An Absolute Non-Ducker’: Carton de Wiart in the Great War by E. D. R. Harrison (p.98)

Race and Hierarchy in Britain’s Colonial Army in Nyasaland (Malawi), 1891-1964 by Tim Lovering (p.120)

The Failure of the Ambulance Corps in the Crimean War by Glenn Fisher (p.161)

The British Army in Catalonia after the Battle of Brihuega, 1710-1712 by Andrew Tumath (p.182)

Hulme Cavalry Barracks, Manchester by Robert Bonner (p.206)

Did Sir Douglas Haig panic at Landrecies in August 1914 during the Great retreat? by Elizabeth Greenhalgh (p.226)

The Pound Ridge Raid, New York – July 1779. The First Cavalry Raid of the American Revolution by Donald J. Gara (p.257)

Landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices, Booby Traps and Mining in the British Army 1877-1943 by Nick Evans (p.267)

London’s Defences 1642-1645 by Simon Marsh (p.275)

The Platoon, An Analysis of No. 10 Platoon, 6th QO Cameron Highlanders in the First Battle of the Scarpe, 1917 by Patrick Watt (p.299)

Notes and Queries

1923 Equine casualties during the Campaign of 1704 (p.60)

1924 A.V.B. Norman Research Trust (p.143)

1925 Indian Order of Merit (p.143)

1926 The memorial of Lt-Gen General Cornelius Wood (1637-1712) (p.144)

1927 Maude and the 2nd Afghan War (p.146)

1928 The ‘Fodder’ Myth and Donkeys (p.241)

1929 Restoring the Canadian Army’s Historical Identity (p.241)

1930 The Guggenheim-Lehrmann Book Prize (p.242)

1931 Jacobitism Colloquium, IHR, August 2013 (p.341)

1932 The Fodder ‘Myth’ and Donkeys (p.342)

Book Reviews

The Second World War, A Military History by G. Corrigan (p.64)

Fire from the Sky, surviving the Kamikaze Threat by R.C. Stern (p.65)

Operation Dingo: Rhodesian Raid on Chimoio and Tembue, 1977 by J.R.T. Wood (p.66)

A Regimental List of the Half Pay Officers for the Year 1714 on the English and Irish establishments by W.Drenthe (Ed.) (p.67)

Lead Shot of the English Civil War – A Radical Study by D.F. Harding (p.68)

Wellington against Junot: The first invasion of Portugal, 1807-1808 by D. Buttery (p.148)

Wellington against Massena: The third invasion of Portugal, 1810-1811 by D. Buttery (p.148)

Horseman in No Man’s Land, British Cavalry and Trench Warfare 1914-1918 by D. Kenyon (p.150)

Special Force. The Untold Story of 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) by A. MacKenzie (p.152)

The British Way in Counter-Insurgency, 1945-1967 by D. French (p.153)

British Military Operations in Egypt and the Sudan: A selected Bibliography by H.J. Raugh (p.243)

“My Dear Girl”: The Boer War Letters of Cpl. Harry Wilcox, 66th (Yorkshire) Company, Imperial Yeomanry by H.J. Raugh (p.243)

Playing the Game, the British junior officer on the Western Front 1914-1918 by C. Moore-Bick (p.244)

Army, Empire and Cold War. The British Army and military policy by D. French (p.245)

Koevoet! Experiencing South Africa’s Deadly Bush Wars by J. Hooper (p.247)

Crimean Cavalry Letters by Glenn Fisher (Ed) (p.335)

The African Wars, Warriors and Soldiers of the Colonial Campaigns by Chris Peers (p.336)

The Edwardian Army: Recruiting, Training and Deploying The British Army, 1902-1914 by T. Bowman & M. Connelly (p.337)

Allies against the Rising Sun, the United States, the British Nations and the Defeat of Imperial Japan by N.E. Sarantakes (p.339)


Doctoral Dissertations and Research Theses on British military history (p.70)

Contents of Volume 90 – 2012 (p.72)

Templer Medal Winners List (p.155)

Major Accessions to Archive Repositories (p.320)