Volume Eighty Nine (2011)

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Articles and Communications

Captain Conyers Towers, 6th Dragoons, in the Crimea by J. H. Rumsby (p.1)

Dorset’s Volunteer Infantry 1794-1805 by D. Clammer (p.6)

Boredom and Terror: The Territorial Battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers in World War I by T. Ball (p.26)

Surviving the Wilderness: The Diet of the British Army and the Struggle for Canada, 1754-1760 by G. Yagi, Jnr. (p.66)

Lieutenant Richard Rich Wilford of 2nd Foot, 1777 by Andrew Cormack (p.101)

James Bringfield: The posthumous fame of Marlborough’s Gentleman of the Horse by D. Verbeke (p.107)

The British Army’s Unknown, Regular, African-West Indian Engineer and Service Corps, 1783 to the 1840s by René Chartrand (p.117)

Sport and Hard Work; Tactics, Reform and Equestrianism in the British Cavalry, 1900-1914 by N. Evans (p.139)

The Army in India and Responses to Low Intensity Conflict, 1936-1946 by R. Johnson (p.159)

The History of the Royal Welch Voluntiers, or 94th Regiment of Foot, 1760-1763 by Andrew Cormack (p.199)

Did Corporal Amos Watson of the 43rd Foot serve in the Walcheren Expedition of 1809? by P.J. Kerry (p.216)

‘A Noble Corps’: The Bundlecund Legion 1839-47. Part 1 Organization and History by Richard Stevenson (p.224)

Cold Comfort: The Politics of Winter Kit for British Troops in Korea, 1950-53 by S. P. MacKenzie (p.241)

A Case of Mistaken Identity – George Powell Houghton at Balaklava by Glenn Fisher (p.273)

Unpublished Writings of Roger Lamb (Part 1) by Don Hagist (p.280)

‘A Noble Corps’: The Bundlecund Legion 1839-47. Part 2 Uniforms, Equipment and Colours by Richard Stevenson (p.291)

Logistics during the Hundred Days Campaign, 1918: British Third Army by Jonathan Boff (p.306)

Notes and Queries

1896 Myths relating to Mary Seacole and her work in the Crimean (p.90)

1897 On the Mechanization of the British Army in India (p.91)

1898 Firearm accidental fatalities in the RAF and the Army in WWII (p.91)

1899 Indirect Fire in the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 (p.182)

1900 Sir John Moore Memorial Library (p.183)

1901 ‘Once a German, always a German’ – Officers of German origin in the British Army, 1914-1918 (p.183)

1902 St Helena Local Militia (p.261)

1903 Special Rations for Certain Faiths (p.262)

1904 German Hospital Ship Atrocities in World War I (p.263)

1905 Artillery Indirect Fire (p.329)

1906 Roderick Murchison (p.330)

1907 Fruit and Army diet in the mid C18th (p.332)

1908 British Italian Legion (p.333)

1909 Mary Fielding (p.333)

1911 Transcription of Russian Place and Proper Names (p.335)

910 Officers transferred into the Cavalry having passed Staff College (p.335)

1912 Seeking out ‘Germans’ during the First World War (p.336)

Book Reviews

Cromwell’s War Machine, the New Model Army, 1645-1660 by K. Roberts (p.92)

The United States Army in the War of 1812 by by John C. Frederiksen (p.93)

Victoria’ Generals by (Eds) Steven J. Corvi & Ian Beckett (p.94)

The Great War on the Small Screen, Representing the First World War in Contemporary Britain by Emma Hanna (p.95)

The Good Soldier. The Biography of Douglas Haig by Gary Mead (p.96)

Red Coat, Green Machine, Continuity and change in the British Army 1700-2000 by Charles Kirke (p.98)

An Atlas of the Peninsular War by Ian Robertson with cartography by Martin Brown (p.185)

The English Civil War, Conflicts and Contexts, 1640-49 by John Adamson (Ed) (p.185)

British Commemorative Medals and their Values by Christopher Eimer (p.186)

War in the Nineteenth Century 1800-1914 by Jeremy Black (p.187)

Wolseley and Ashanti, the Asante War Journal and Correspondence of Major General Sir Garnett Wolseley by I.F.W. Beckett (Ed) (p.188)

Shrapnel and Whizzbangs, A Tommy in the Trenches by Jeremy Mitchell (p.189)

The Footballer of Loos, A Story of the 1st Battalion Lndon Irish Rifles in the First World War by E. Harris (p.189)

The Riddles of Wipers, an Appreciation of the Trench Journal THE WIPERS TIMES by John Ivelaw-Chapman (p.191)

Where did that Regiment Go? The Lineage of British Infantry and Cavalry Regiments at a Glance by Gerry Murphy (p.264)

European Warfare 1350-1750 by F. Tallet & D.J.B. Trim (Eds) (p.265)

The War of 1812 in the Age of Napoleon by Jeremy Black (p.266)

“A Lack of Offensive Spirit?” The 46th (North Midland) Division at Gommecourt 1st July 1916 by Alan MacDonald (p.267)

Zulu Rising, The Epic Story of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift by Ian Knight (p.269)

Decisive Battles from Yorktown to Operation Desert Storm by Jonathan Riley (p.270)

The Battle of Waterloo, a New History by Jeremy Black (p.271)

Spearmen: the History of the 9th/12th Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) by Richard Charrington (p.337)

The Blood be upon your Head, Tarleton and the Myth of Buford’s Massacre by J. Piecuch (p.337)

Expedition to the Crimea by A.J. Guy & A. Massie (Eds) (p.339)

Private Beatson’s War. Life, Death and Hope on the Western Front by Shaun Springer & Stuart Humphreys (Eds) (p.340)

Kut 1916, Courage and Failure in Iraq by Patrick Crowley (p.341)

Fighting for Britain, African Soldiers in the Second World War by David Killingray with Martin Plaut (p.342)

Deathly Deception, The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat by Denis Smyth (p.343)


Doctoral Dissertations and research Theses on British Military History completed in UK to 2009 and worldwide up to 2008 (p.87)

Templer Medal Book Prize Winners List (p.192)

Major Accessions to Repositories in 2010 relating to Military History (p.322)