Volume Eighty Eight (2010)

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Articles and Communications

A Captain of the Earl of Bath's Regiment, c. 1686 by Stephen Ede-Borrett (p.1)

The Regimental Punishment Book of the Boston Detachments of the Royal Irish Regiment and 65th Regiment, 1774-75 by Stephen Baule & Don Hagist (p.5)

The Debate in Parliament about the abolition of Flogging during the early Nineteenth Century, with references to the Windsor Garrison by Brigitte Mitchell (p.19)

'Universally esteemed by his Brother in Arms': Lieutenant Edward de Salaberry, R.E. at the Storming of Badajoz, 6 April 1812 by John R. Grodzinski (p.29)

Field Marshal Harold Alexander: a Selected and Annotated Bibliography by Bradley P. Tolpannen (p.38)

A Reputation to Die for: Battle Honours and Soldiers Died in World War I as indicators of regimental reputation by Tony Ball (p.60)

Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Pigot, Baronet By Francis Cotes RA, c. 1765 by Stephen Wood (p.111)

The Manchester Regiment of 1745 by Jonathan Oates (p.129)

British Army and Royal navy Medical reports and the Second New Zealand War 1860-1866 by Denis Fairfax (p.152)

'Not the Usual Field of Military Glory' ! Two examples of 'B' Mentions in Despatches awarded to Civilian Staff under the Department of the Finance Member of the War Office 1918-1919 by John Black (p.157)

A New Account of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham by Earl John Chapman (p.167)

Bolshevizing the Army? Lord Gorell and Army Education, 1918-1920 by Jim Beach (p.170)

An Officer of the 36th Foot, circa 1810 by Andrew Cormack (p.211)

The Eighteenth Century Army at Home as reflected in Local records by J.E.O. Screen (p.217)

A Shako Plate of the 6th Foot recovered from the Wreck of the Birkenhead by P.E. Abbott (p.233)

Thomas Tole – Deserter to the Russians by Glenn Fisher (p.237)

Lord Esher on War Office Reform by M.R.D. Foot (p.244)

Expansion and Deployment of the Indian Army during World War II by Kaushik Roy (p.248)

Driver, Canadian Artillery, 1882-1885 by Ren้ Chartrand (p.285)

'Ordered Home to be Broke': the disbandment of Fraser‟s Highlanders by Earl John Chapman (p.291)

Captain Adrian Jones, MVO, MRCVS, FRBS, 1845-1938: Cavalry Officer, Veterinary Surgeon and Distinguished Sculptor by S. Hodson-Pressinger (p.294)

Mission to Vietnam by Bill Whitburn (p.300)

Hygiene and Disease: The British Army in North America, 1775-81 by Tabitha Marshall (p.311)

Notes and Queries

1882 Priests as combatant officers in World War I (p.98)

1883 Yeomanry regimental marches (p.100)

1884 Appeals for memoirs by Forgotten Heroes of the Battle of the Somme (p.101)

1885 Indirect Artillery Fire at Spion Kop (p.199)

1886 Royal Flying Corps fighter aces in the British National Archives (p.199)

1887 The A.V.B. Norman Trust (p.201)

1888 Question about Irish Half-Pay Lists in Eighteenth Century (p.269)

1889 Personnel Management Records in the C18th British Army (p.269)

1890 Women‟s Auxilary Corps (India) (p.269)

1891 Honours and death as indicators of Regimental Reputation (p.271)

1892 The blue uniform of the Earl of Bath‟s Regiment (p.340)

1893 3rd Battalion of the Italian Legion, 1855 (p.340)

1894 Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum (p.341)

1895 Working parties of British PoWs in German captivity in WW II (p.341)

Book Reviews

The Impact of the First Civil War on Hertfordshire, 1642-47 by (edited) Alan Thomson (p.102)

1809 – Thunder on the Daube: Napoleon‟s Defeat of the Habsburgs, Volume II: The Fall of Vienna and the Battle of Aspern by John H. Gill (p.103)

British Cavalry in the Mid-18th Century by David Blackmore (p.104)

Companion to the Anglo-Zulu war by Ian Knight (p.105)

The Boiling Cauldron: Utrecht District and the Anglo-Zulu War, 1879 by Huw Jones (p.105)

Lessons in Imperial Rule: Instructions for British Infantrymen on the Frontier by Sir Andrew Skeen with a new Introduction by Robert Johnson (p.106)

Understanding Modern Warfare by D. Jordan, J.D. Kiras, D.J. Lonsdale, I. Speller, C. Tuck & C.D. Walton (p.107)

British Post-War Jungle Webbing by Simon Howlett (p.108)

Credibility in Elizabethan and early Stuart News by David Randall (p.202)

Martail Power and Elizabethan Popular Culture – Military Men in England and Ireland, 1558-1594 by Rory Rapple (p.202)

The Complete Soldier, Military Books and Military Culture in early Stuart England, 1603-1645 by David R. Lawrence (p.202)

Small Arms of the British Forces in North America 1664-1815 by De Witt Bailey (p.204)

Mohawks on the Nile: Natives among the Canadian Voyageurs in Egypt 1884-1885 by Carl Benn (p.205)

Douglas Haig and the First World War by J.P. Harris (p.207)

The Great War on the Western Front. A Short History by Paddy Griffith (p.208)

Sniper One: The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group under Siege by Dan Mills (p.209)

Long, Obstinate and Bloody, the Battle of Guildford Courthouse by Lawrence E. Babits & Joshua B. Howard (p.272)

Vanished Armies. A Record of Military Uniform observed and drawn in various European Countries during the years 1907 to 1914 by A. E. Haswell Miller, Ed. John Mollo (p.273)

Historical Dictionary of the Zulu Wars by John Laband (p.274)

Khaki and Jungle Green. British Tropical uniforms 1939-1945 in colour photographs by Martin J. Brayley & Richard Ingram (p.275)

Forgotten Heros. The Charge of the Heavy Brigade by Roy Dutton (p.276)

Doctrine and Reform in the British Cavalry 1880-1918 by Stephen Badsey (p.277)

British Napoleonic Uniforms by C.E. Franklin (p.278)

The First World War Letters of General Lord Horne by (edited) Simon Robbins (p.279)

The Brown Bess, an identification guide and illustrated study of Britain‟s most famous Musket by Erik Goldstein & Stuart Mowbray (p.281)

The German Army at Cambrai by Jack Sheldon (p.282)

A Waterloo Hero, the Reminiscences of Friedrich Lindau by (edited) F. Lindau, J. Bogle & A. Uffindell (p.343)

The Furie of the Ordnance, Artillery in the English Civil War by Stephen Bull (p.343)

Gordon, Victorian Hero by C. Brad Faught (p.344)

Red Coat Dreaming, How colonial Australia embraced the British Army by Craig Wilcox (p.346)

For King and Country. Voices from the First World War by (edited) Brian MacArthur (p.347)

3 Para by P. Bishop (p.348)

The Battle of Waterloo: a new history by Jeremy Black (p.348)

IN ORIENTE PRIMUS – a History of the Volunteer Forces in Malaya and Singapore by Jonathan Moffatt & Paul Riches (p.350)


University Doctoral Theses and Research Theses in British Military History (p.96)

Accessions to Archives (p.332)

Tributes and Obituaries

John Ernest Oliver Screen (p.110)

George Evelyn (p.354)