Volume Eighty Seven (2009)

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Articles and Communications

Captain Francis Dupont of the 36th and 79th Foot, by Henry Pickering by David Harding (p.1)

Standing Orders of the Bombay Artillery, 1844 by P.E. Abbott (p.18)

An Habitual Volunteer: Colonel James Warwick Woodridge (1813-1891) by Emrys Wynn Jones (p.36)

Was the British Army lagging Technically in 1914 ? by Anthony Lucking (p.54)

Engines of War: Horsepower in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918 by Andrew Iarocci (p.59)

The Sword of Private Thomas Brown by Andrew Cormack (p.99)

Letters from the 32nd Regiment, 1756-1765 by (edited) Guy St-Denis (p.108)

The Military Career of Bishop Robert Brindle by J Hagerty (p.123)

John Pendered Royal Sappers and Miners by Glenn Fisher (p.128)

For Queen, King, and Empire - Canadians Recruited into the British Army 1858-1944 by Andrew B. Godefroy (p.135)

British Army Establishments of the Napoleonic Wars Part 1 – Background and the Infantry by Roderick MacArthur (p.150)

The Utilisation of Artillery during the Battle of Spionkop and the introduction of Indirect Fire by Ken Gillings (p.173)

Colour Sergeant, 70th Foot, Grenada, 1838-1840 by René Chartrand (p.199)

An Officer’s Sword of the Bengal Artillery by P.E. Abbott (p.201)

Some Notes on the Raising and Origins of Colonel John Okey’s Regiment of Dragoons, March to June 1645 by Stephen Ede-Borrett (p.206)

A Note on Veterinary Surgeons in the Crimea by Colin Robins (p.214)

Memoirs of an Eighteenth Century Soldier’s Child by Andrew Cormack (p.221)

How far was the Loyalty of Muslim Soldiers in the Indian Army more in Doubt than usual throughout the First World War by Philip Stigger (p.225)

A Very British Affair ? British Armed Forces and the Repression of the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936 – '39 Part 1 by Matthew Hughes (p.234)

The Defences of Sicily, 1806-1815 by W.H. Clements (p.256)

Offensives versus Subsidiary Attacks, 1916-1918: the British Expeditionary Force balancing its options by Sanders Marble (p.273)

'The Last Glorious Campaign': Lord Roberts, The National Srvice League and Compulsory Military Training, c. 1902-1914 by Roger T. Stearn (p.312)

British Army Establishments of the Napoleonic Wars Part 2 – Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers & Supporting Units by Roderick MacArthur (p.331)

A Very British Affair ? British Armed Forces and the Repression of the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936 – '39 Part 2 by Matthew Hughes (p.357)

Notes and Queries

1868 Whereabouts of the Papers of Lt-Gen. Francis Grose (p.86)

1869 Army Museums Ogiby Trust (p.86)

1870 O’Hara’s African Corps (p.87)

1871 A Corps of Foot serving in Africa (p.87)

1872 Commission History of the Honourable Arthur Browne (p.88)

1873 Parade Grounds (p.88)

1874 Army Records Society – correction to recent boo review (p.89)

1875 Missing courts martial of 1747 (p.185)

1876 Detonating Mines offensively and defensively in Land Warfare (p.185)

1877 Priests as Combatant Officers in the First World War (p.186)

1878 Captain Francis Dupont, 79th Foot (p.288)

1879 The A.V.B. Norman Research Trust (p.289)

1880 Priests as Combatant Officers in the First World War (p.383)

1881 Two (or Four ?) Scottish Regiments from the War of the Grand Alliance (1688-1697) (p.384)

Book Reviews

A Commanding Presence: Wellington in the Peninsula, 1808-1814 by Ian Robertson (p.90)

1809 Thunder on the Danube: Napoleon’s Defeat of the Habsburgs, Vol. I: Abensburg by John H. Gill (p.91)

Albuera, 1811: The Bloodiest Battle of the Peninsular War by Guy Dempsey (p.92)

1917: Tactics, Training and Technology by Peter Dennis & Jeffrey Grey (Eds) (p.94)

Making a Killing: the Explosive Story of a Hired Gun in Iraq by James Ashcroft (p.95)

Russia’s Civil War by Geoffrey Swain (p.96)

The Regiment. The Real Story of the S.A.S. by Michael Asher (p.97)

War in England 1642-1649 by Barbara Donagan (p.188)

1812. Napoleon’s Fatal march on Moscow by A. Zamoyski (p.189)

Guns, Race and Power in Colonial South Africa by W. K. Storey (p.190)

England’s Last Hope: The Territorial Force, 1908-1914 by K.W. Mitchinson (p.191)

Shots from the Front. The British Soldier 1914-1918 by R. Holmes (p.192)

The Fall of Napoleon. The Allied Invasion of France, 1813-1814 by M.V. Leggiere (p.193)

Military Identities. The Regimental System, the British Army and the British People, c.1870-2000 by D. French (p.194)

The Rhodesian War. A Military History by P. Moorcraft & P. McLaughlin (p.197)

Prince Rupert: The Last Cavalier by Charles Spencer (p.290)

Carl von Clausewitz’s ‘On War’, A Biography by Hew Strachan (p.291)

The Guards Brigade in the Crimea by Michael Springman (p.292)

Cawnpore and Lucknow: A Tale of Two Sieges by D.S. Richards (p.293)

Cambrai 1917. The Myth of the First Great Tank Battle by Bryan Hammond (p.294)

Sisters in Arms, British Army Nurses tell their Story by Nicola Tyrer (p.295)

Oliver Cromwell New Perspectives by P. Little (Ed) (p.385)

With Zeal and with Bayonets only. The British Army on campaign in North America, 1775-1783 by Matthew H. Spring (p.386)

Butcher and Bolt by David Loyn (p.389)


University Doctoral Theses and Research Theses in British Military History by Ian Beckett (p.84)

Accessions to Archives (p.374)