Volume Eighty Six (2008)

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Articles and Communications

Temperance Medals of the Royal Army Temperance Association by A.W. Cockerill (p.1)

The Life and Works of H.D. MacWilliam (1859-1936) Black Watch Historian by Ian Davidson (p.3)

Hodson’s Horse Regiment and Family by S. Hodson-Pressinger (p.13)

Drummers in the British Army during the American Revolution by Steven M. Baule (p.20)

Naval Intelligence Support to the British Army in the Peninsular War by Huw Davies (p.34)

Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson: Myths and the Man by Keith Jeffery (p.57)

Pair of Dummy Boards of 21st Foot, The Royal Scotch Fuziliers, circa 1730 by Andrew Cormack (p.105)

The House where General Brock died? by Guy St-Denis (p.109)

Soldiers, Riot Control and Aid to the Civil Power in India, Egypt and Palestine, 1919-1939 by Simeon Shoul (p.120)

The Search for Mobility during the Second Boer War by Peter Robinson (p.140)

Medical Support for Marlborough’s Army during the War of the Spanish Succession by Eric Gruber von Arni (p.158)

Corporal of the 15th (King’s) Hussars, 1828 by René Chartrand (p.189)

Notes from the Opium War: Selections from Lieutenant Charles Cameron’s Diary during the period of the Chinese War, 1840-'41 by Rick Bowers (p.190)

Aristocratic Participation in the Volunteer Cavalry by Andrew Gilks (p.204)

The Development of the Rifle Volunteer Movement in Manchester by Robert Bonner (p.216)

Why did Prince Rupert fight at Marston Moor? by Ian Roy & Joyce Macadam (p.236)

Beatson’s Mutiny: William Beatson and the Bashi Bazouks by Richard Stevenson (p.267)

Further Notes on the Dress of the Madras Artillery by P.E. Abbott (p.286)

The Narrative of William Crawford, Private Soldier of the 20th Regiment of Foot by Don N. Hagist (p.291)

In support of Wellington’s Army: The Royal Navy Contribution to the Waterloo Campaign by David Miller (p.304)

Andrew Ross (1849-1925): Military Historian by Ian Davidson (p.324)

Major Graves and the Natal Native Contingent by Keith I. Smith (p.333)

The Life of a Military Misfit by A.W. Cockerill & P. Goble (p.345)

The Production of Uniforms for Soldiers in the Mid-Eighteenth Century by Andrew Cormack (p.346)

Notes and Queries

1849 Bushy Run (p.85)

1850 Huguenot Regiments in the War of Spanish Succession (p.85)

1851 Hodson’s Horse (p.90)

1852 Hodson’s Horse (p.94)

1853 Victoria Cross (p.94)

1854 King’s Dragoon Guards (p.94)

1855 Early Highland Units (p.95)

1856 Britain’s Unknown Cavalrymen (p.176)

1857 An Armed Association shoulder belt plate (p.176)

1858 The Guards Museum’s Society of Friends (p.176)

1859 Direct and open British recruitment in the USA (p.177)

1860 How machine guns might be used effectively (p.177)

1861 Trooping the Colour – Subaltern’s Command in (p.179)

1861 Trumpets and Bugles - why retain both? (p.179)

1861 Victoria Cross (p.179)

1862 Last American Loyalists in the Field (p.258)

1863 O’Hara’s African Corps (p.259)

1864 How ‘The Die Hards’ got their name (p.259)

1865 The Loss of the Indiaman Ponsborne – question (p.261)

1866 The Search for Mobility during the Second Boer War' (JSAHR, Vol. 86, No. 346, Summer 2008) – A critique by Dr. Stephen Badsey (p.357)

1867 An Unidentified Army Officer (p.357)

Book Reviews

Soldiers’ Accoutrements of the British Army, 1750-1900 by Pierre Turner (p.96)

‘A Soldier-Like Way’: The Material Culture of the British Infantry, 1751-1768 by R.R. Gale (p.96)

Men of Steel, Surgery in the Napoleonic Wars by Michael Crumplin (p.97)

Wellington: The Iron Duke by Philip Haythornthwaite (p.97)

Who’s Who in the Zulu War, 1879 (Vols I & II) by Adrian Graves & Ian Knight (p.98)

Big Wars and Small Wars: The British Army and the Lessons of War in the 20th Century by Hew Strachan (p.99)

Call to Arms: The British Army 1914-1918 by Charles Messenger (p.99)

Forgotten Armies: The Fall of British Asia, 1941-1945 by Christopher Bayly & Tim Harper (p.101)

Forgotten Wars: Freedom and Revolution in South-East Asia by Christopher Bayly & Tim Harper (p.101)

Forgotten Heroes: The Charge of the Light Brigade by Roy Dutton (p.180)

The English Revolution and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1652 by Ian Gentles (p.180)

Spies in Uniform: British Military and Naval Intelligence on the eve of the First World War by Matthew Seligmann (p.181)

Fromelles 1916 by Paul Cobb (p.183)

Tip and Run: The Untold Tragedy of the Great War in Africa by Edward Paice (p.183)

Ottoman Military Effectiveness in World War I by Edward Erickson (p.184)

The Great War: Myth and Memory by Dan Todman (p.186)

Commando Country by Stuart Allen (p.187)

Romaine’s Crimean War: The Letters and Journal of William Govett Romaine by Ed Colin Robins (p.264)

Churchill’s Crusade: The British Invasion of Russia, 1918-1920 by Clifford Kinvig (p.265)

Renkioi, Brunel’s Forgotten Crimean War Hospital by Christopher Silver (p.265)

Gloucester and Newbury 1643: The Turning Point of the Civil War by Jon Day (p.362)

The Far Reaches of Empire: War in Nova Scotia, 1710-1760 by John Grenier (p.363)

ASoldier-Artist in Zululand: William Whitelocke Lloyd and the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 by David Rattray (p.364)

Julian Grenfell: Soldier and Poet: Letters and Diaries, 1910-1915 by Ed. Kate Thompson (p.365)

Loos 1915 by Nicholas Lloyd (p.365)

Borrowed Soldiers: Americans under British Command, 1918 by Mitchell A. Yockelson (p.366)


University Doctoral Theses and Research Theses in British Military History by Ian Beckett (p.83)

'Helmand: The Soldiers' Story' – National Army Museum, London, UK - Exhibition Review (p.104)

Accessions to Archives (p.349)