Volume Eighty Five (2007)

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Articles and Communications

‘One of the Human Atoms’: A Soldier’s View of the South African War, 1899-1902 by Robin Jenkins (p.3)

Dutch Forces in C18th Britain: A British Perspective by Jonathan Oates (p.20)

‘Unless something extraordinary should happen on the way’: The 42nd Regiment of Foot’s Forgotten Battle by Ian Davidson (p.40)

Humour and Defiance: Irish Troops and their humour in the Peninsular War by Nicholas Dunne-Lynch (p.62)

Officers of the 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons, c.1832 by René Chartrand (p.107)

A note on the early writings of Dr. James Moore relating to Sir John Moore and the Corunna Campaign by P.J. Kerry (p.109)

Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred Keogh, GCB, GCVO, CH by Ralph May (p.115)

The Medical Resources of William III’s English Army during the Nine Years War by Eric Gruber von Arni (p.126)

Faith Restored: Highland Catholics and the King’s Commission by Alasdair Roberts (p.146)

Deaths amongst Army Chaplains, 1939-1946 by Peter Howson (p.162)

A Quiet Man of Influence: General Sir John Crocker by Douglas Delaney (p.185)

Completing the Story of the Gallipoli Campaign: Researching Turkish Archives for a more comprehensive history by Harvey Broadbent (p.208)

Painful Pastime versus Present Pleasure: Tudor Archery and the Law by Jonathan Davies (p.224)

Britain’s Unknown Cavalrymen by Andrew Gilks (p.237)

‘The Artillery never gained more Honour’: British & Hesse-Hanau Artillery gunboats at the Battle of Valcour Island by ustin Clement & Douglas R. Cubbison (p.247)

Observations on the later life of Lieutenant-General the Honourable Robert Monckton and the lives of his Children by Andrew Cormack (p.275)

The South Africa Medal of Rupert La Trobe Lonsdale by Simon Bendall (p.286)

Fact versus Fiction: Examples from the Indian Mutiny by David S. Wells (p.292)

The Loyal Toast in 1935 by Victor Sutcliffe (p.300)

The Northumberland Fusiliers and the Somme, 1916: A case study in Unit Deployment, Tactical Order and Casualties by Tony Ball (p.310)

Notes and Queries

1812 John Brotherton, 6th Foot (1st Warwickshire Regiment) (p.81)

1813 9th Regiment of Foot (p.81)

1814National Battleields Commission, Canada (p.82)

1815 A shoulder belt plate from Falmouth, Jamaica (p.82)

1816 Combatant service under three flags (p.83)

1817 International Conference – Palestine and WWI – New Perspectives (p.84)

1818 Two Victoria Crosses (p.84)

1819 The Royal Hibernian Military School (p.85)

1820 A belt plate of the Royal Artillery (p.87)

1821 A belt plate of the Royal Artillery (p.88)

1822 Last Post (p.88)

1823 The (British) Indian Army and Indian Cavalry Officers’ Associations (p.89)

1824 The Commission of Thomas Else 1659 (p.91)

1825 Buttons of the Nizam of Hyderabad’s Army, 1826-54 (p.92)

1826 Unit morale and challenges to higher command in the field (p.94)

1827 Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum (p.173)

1828 Pillbox Caps (p.173)

1829 Reply to Black watch Museum review (p.173)

1830 Some unknown Huguenot Regiments of the War of the Spanish Succession (p.174)

1831 Stalky (p.174)

1832 Last Post (p.175)

1833 Monuments to the Black Watch at Aberfeldy, Perthshire (p.256)

1834 Portrait of Hugh Montgomerie by J.S. Copley (p.258)

1835 Officers’ names on Draper’s Memorial to his 79th Regiment of Foot, Clifton, Bristol (p.258)

1836 Victoria Cross (p.261)

1837 Hodson’s Horse (p.261)

1838 Correction to the Black Watch (p.262)

1839 1918 Commemoration (p.262)

1840 A.V.B. Norman Trust (p.263)

1841 Who were the last American Loyalists in the field against the Revolutionaries? (p.352)

1842 The Tobago Light Horse (p.352)

1843 The Rewa Mounted rifles and the Pacific Cable Guard in Fiji (p.353)

1844 Memorial of the 42nd Highlanders, Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire (p.353)

1845 Monument to the Black Watch: the Wauchope Window, St. Giles’s Cathedral, Edinburgh (p.354)

1846 Monument to the Black Watch: The South African War Memorial, Edinburgh (p.355)

1847 Armed Association 1798 belt plate (p.356)

1848 Anne S.K. Brown Military Art Collection (p.357)

Book Reviews

England on the Edge: Crisis and Revolution, 1640-42 by D. Cressy (p.96)

Sahib: The British Soldier in India, 1750-1914 by R. Holmes (p.97)

Two Military Men: Letters of a Father and Son, 1794-1816 by E.F. Radford (p.98)

Symbols of Courage: The Men behind the Medal by M. Arthur (p.99)

Like Wolves on the Fold: The Defence of Rorke’s Drift by M. Snook (p.100)

Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Army’s Experience, 1914-1918 by G. Sheffield & D. Todman (p.101)

We Lead, Others Follow: First Canadian Division, 1914-1918 by K. Radley (p.102)

The Defence and Fall of Singapore, 1940-42 by B. Farrell (p.103)

None Bolder: The History of the 51st Highland Division in the Second World War by R. Doherty (p.104)

SAS: The First Secret Wars by T. Jones (p.105)

Hospital Care and the British Standing Army, 1660-1714 by E.G. von Arni (p.176)

The British Officer: Leading the Army from 1660 to the Present by A. Clayton (p.176)

The Scottish Soldier and Empire, 1854-1902 by E. Spiers (p.177)

Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson: a Political Soldier by K. Jeffrey (p.178)

War Memoirs of Earl Stanhope, 1914-1918 by B. Bond (p.179)

Directing Operations: British Corps Command on the Western Front by A. Simpson (p.180)

Forgotten Soldiers of the First World War: Lost Voices of the Middle East Front by D. Woodward (p.181)

An Apprenticeship in Arms: The Origins of the British Army, 1585-1702 by R. Manning (p.264)

1690: The Battle of the Boyne by P. Lenihan (p.265)

The Battle of the Boyne, 1690 – A Guide to the Battlefield by H. Murtagh (p.266)

The Battle of the Boyne, 1690 – The Drummer Boy’s Story by B. Maguire (p.266)

Paths of Glory: The Life and Death of General James Wolfe by S. Brumwell (p.267)

Douglas Haig: The Preparatory Prologue, 1861-1914 by D. Scott (p.268)

Inside Wellington’s Peninsular Army, 1808-1814 by R. Muir et al (p.268)

Haig: The Evolution of a Commander by A. Weist (p.269)

Steady the Buffs! A Regiment, a Region and the Great War by M. Connelly (p.270)

Together We Stand: North Africa, 1942-43 by J. Holland (p.271)

Advancing with the Army: Medecine, the Professions and Social Mobility in the British Isles, 1790-1850 by M. Ackroyd et al (p.358)

From Clan to Regiment: Six Hundred Years in the Hebrides, 1400-2000 by N. McLean-Bristol (p.358)

The Battle of Albuera, 1811 by M. Oliver & R. Partridge (p.359)

The Military Operation at Cabul: The Retreat and Destruction of the British Army, 1842 by V. Eyre (p.360)

Mrs. Duberly’s War: Journal and Notes from the Crimea by C. Kelly (p.361)

Beneath Flanders Field: The Tunnellers’ War, 1914-1918 by P. Barton et al (p.362)

Montgomery: D-Day Commander by N. Hamilton (p.363)


Doctoral and Research Theses in British Military History (p.79)

‘God and the Gun’ (BBC Radio 4) - Review by Peter Howson (p.183)

‘Camouflage’, Imperial War Museum - Exhibition Review by D. Todman (p.273)

Accessions to Archives in 2006 relating to Military History (p.346)