235 Charles Jagger

Portrait miniature of a British officer by Charles Jagger, c.1810 (© Bonhams)

The Society for Army Historical Research

The Society for Army Historical Research (SAHR) is a learned society, founded in 1921 to foster "interest in the history and traditions of British and Commonwealth armies, and to encourage research in these fields." It is one of the oldest societies of its kind. Past members include notable British Field Marshals Wavell, Auchinleck and Templer.

The Society's interests embrace army and regimental history, military antiquities and pictures, uniforms, badges and medals, arms and equipment and the history of land warfare in general. Campaigns, commanders and common soldiers are covered from the sixteenth century to the recent past. The SAHR also fervently promotes enquiry into the political and social aspects of war and military service. It cooperates with the National Army Museum in pursuit of shared objectives.

The main activity of the Society is the publication of a quarterly peer-reviewed scholarly Journal reflecting the members' interests and presenting the results of their own research. The Society also produces a number of special publications.

SAHR 2021 update

The Council of the Society is meeting regularly by Zoom and is taking account of current public measures measures to plan our activities in an appropriate manner. The Centenary of the Society was marked from April 2021 with a series of online talks and panel discussions. The Journal is being published as usual and members can continue to access past articles remotely via JSTOR.

Members were invited to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting, which was held electronically on Wednesday 2nd June.

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