Independent Research Grants (IRGs)

Krieghoff Officer's Room (detail)

'Officer's Room in Montreal' (detail) by Cornelius Krieghoff, 1846 (Royal Ontario Museum)

The Society for Army Historical Research provides grants to encourage and support research undertaken by those researching outside of the university environment. Each year, the SAHR will award a sum up to 1,000 to successful applicants. Applications are welcomed world-wide but are restricted to members of the SAHR. Grants are made for research towards publications that relate to the British Army or the Land Forces of the British Empire and the Commonwealth. For details go the IRG Rules and Guidance (approved 2017 for all subsequent competitions).

Recent awards have been to :


2017 Guy St-Denis - The grant was awarded to assist with the cost of travel from Canada for research at The National Archives into the life and generalship of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock. Mr St-Denis is writing a comprehensive new biography of Brock, commander of the forces in Upper Canada during the Anglo-American War of 1812.

2017 Paul Huddie - The grant was awarded to facilitate travel from Dublin to London for research in the the British Library into the 'Naval and Military Funds and Institutions' directories. Dr Huddie will produce an original research almanac, as well as a detailed study of the Victorian and Edwardian military-orientated charitable provisions and the evolving social status of the British soldier for the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research.