SAHR Prize for Military Fiction Rules

  1. The name of the Prize will be the SAHR Prize for Military Fiction.
  2. The purpose of the prize is to reward accurate research in fictional portrayals of the British Army c.1600-present.
  3. The winner will receive a sum of £750, a piece of commemorative glassware and a year’s membership of SAHR; the runner-up will receive £250, a piece of commemorative glassware and a year’s membership of SAHR.
  4. Judging will be by a panel of 5 judges, who may seek outside advice if necessary.
  5. Criteria for eligibility are as follows:
    a. Books should have been published in the 12 months prior to 30 June in the year of award.
    b. Books must be submitted for consideration no later than 31 July in the year of award.
    c. Whilst it is expected that most entries will be from established publishers, self-published title are eligible providing that they are available in hard copy and not solely as e-books.
    d. Setting should be primarily military in focus, in peace or wartime; works that properly fall into other genres despite a military connection (i.e. a romance or espionage novel in which a major character happens to be a soldier) are not eligible.
    e. Acceptable content/setting should match the general criteria for non-fiction content in SAHR’s other activities, i.e. British Army 1660-present (including volunteers, reserves, and auxiliary forces), ancestor units going back to c.1600, or associated forces such as HEIC Army, Commonwealth armies, etc. Works relating wholly or primarily to other branches of the armed forces, or to foreign armies, are not eligible.
    f. Book-length short story collections are eligible providing that all content meets the above criteria.
    g. Works must be in the English language originally or by translation. In cases of translation, the English version shall be that upon which the judgement is based and the publication date of the English language version shall constitute the date of publication of the work for the purpose of the competition.
    h. It is reiterated that whilst the judges will be looking for literary merit, the primary purpose of the prize is to recognise well-researched fictional representations of the British Army.
  6. Publishers or authors desirous of submitting titles, or with queries about the rules and competition, should contact