‘Rogues with Rifles: The 5/60th Rifles in the Peninsular War’ by Robert Griffith

Thursday 6th February 2020


On 6 February, the Society hosted a lecture by Robert Griffith entitled 'Rogues with Rifles: The 5/60th Rifles in the Peninsular War' at the National Army Museum in London.

Griffith, an author and historian with a lifelong interest in the Napoleonic Wars, offered an entertaining and informative overview of the history of the 5/60th, one of only three units present in the Peninsula from the landings in 1808 through to victory in France in 1814. He discussed some of the extraordinary characters he discovered while researching his recent book 'Riflemen' - copies of which sold out even before the talk began! The audience was regaled with tales of looting, murder and treachery, but also steadfastness, loyalty and heroism.

Griffith's fascinating talk was followed by a stimulating Q&A session. Afterwards, SAHR members continued the conversation at a nearby pub.

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