Helion From Reason to Revolution Conference

Sunday 29th April 2018

The inaugural From Reason to Revolution conference, organised by Helion & Co. and sponsored by the Society of Army Historical Research, took place on Sunday 29 April at the York Army Museum.

The conference theme, ‘Command and Leadership’ in long eighteenth-century military history, was examined by eight speakers (including several SAHR members) before an audience of over forty people. Papers explored topics from generalship in the Anglo-Allied Flanders campaign of 1793-5 to Lord Chatham's service as a brigadier at the Helder (1799) and the Duke of Cumberland's leadership during the '45. SAHR members enjoyed discounted rates when purchasing tickets for the event.

Eamonn O'Keeffe attended the highly successful event as a representative of SAHR Council and provided an update on future Society initiatives and events.

Further information on the From Reason to Revolution conference is available on Helion & Co's blog.

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