SAHR Summer Special Offer

Monday 22nd July 2019

This summer, the Society for Army Historical Research is offering a selection of past Special Publications at specially discounted prices. By providing this taster of what our contributors produce, we hope to recruit new members into our growing ranks. Interested historians and enthusiasts are invited to contact us requesting one of the following publications:

No. 7 Distinctions of Rank of Regimental Officers by Major N.P. Dawnay, 1960 - a highly detailed account of the distinguishing elements of officers' uniforms from 1684 to 1855.

No. 9 “To Mr. Davenport”, being the letters of Major Richard Davenport (1719-1760) to his brother during service in the 4th Troop of Horse Guards and the 10th Dragoons, 1742-1760, ed. C.W. Frearson, 1968 - describing cavalry service during the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.

No. 10 The Hawley Letters, The Letters of Captain R.B. Hawley, 89th Foot, from the Crimea, December 1854 to August 1856, ed. S.G.P. Ward, 1970.

No. 14 …By Dint of Labour & Perseverance … A journal recording two months in northern Germany kept by Lt-Col James Adolphus Oughton, 1st Battn, 37th Foot, 1758, ed. Stephen Wood, 1997 - a Seven Years War diary.

No. 15 British Army in Cape Colony: Soldiers’ Letters and Diaries, 1806-1858, ed. Peter Boyden, 2001 - the British Army's experience of campaigning in southern Africa to mid-century.

No. 16 Victorians at War, ed. Ian F.W. Beckett, 2007 - a collection of papers given at the Centre for Historical Experience of War concentrating on the Army from 1837 to 1902. Contributions from John Laband, John H. Rumsby, Stephen Badsey, Ian Kelly, Rodney Atwood, Stephen Miller and Ian Beckett.

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The cost is £5.00 for delivery within Europe (including the UK) or $7.50 (USD) for delivery to the rest of the world.

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