Dr Christopher Phillips

Christopher Phillips is a Lecturer in International Security at Aberystwyth University. His principal interests lie in the challenges of coalition warfare and exploring the interactions between the state, military, and private enterprise in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Christopher's first monograph, entitled Civilian Expertise at War: Britain's Transport Experts and the First World War, was published in April 2020. His PhD thesis, awarded by the University of Leeds in 2015, received the Donald Coleman Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of business history by the Association of Business Historians in May 2016. Christopher has published material in a range of academic and general interest publications, including War & Society and the British Journal for Military History, acted as an academic consultant on the BBC television series Railways of the Great War, and is a founding member of the AHRC-funded First World War Network, an international community designed to connect postgraduate students and early career researchers with a shared interest in the study of any aspect of the conflict.

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