The Revd Dr Peter Howson BSc MA MBA PhD FCMI FRHis

A Methodist Minister and former army chaplain I have an interest in the history of military chaplaincy. I have written two books on the subject, Muddling Through, and Padre, Prisoner and Pen-pusher, as well as having contributed a number of articles to the Society's Journal. Having joined the Society some 25 years ago I have served on the Council and became Secretary in 2015.

Council Member

Honorary Secretary


Responsibilities : Organise AGM, annual accounts and minutes from meetings.

Journal Contributions, 2007 - Present

Reflections on the Contributions of British Army Chaplains on the Western Front to the Discussion, in the Winter of 1917-18, of the Nature of Post-War British Society
2014 - Volume Ninety Two (p.60) [ Articles and Communications ]

Deaths amongst Army Chaplains, 1939-1946
2007 - Volume Eighty Five (p.162) [ Articles and Communications ]

‘God and the Gun’ (BBC Radio 4) - Review
2007 - Volume Eighty Five (p.183) [ Miscellaneous ]