The Society is always pleased to welcome new members. Please download and complete a membership form and return to the Honorary Membership Secretary, Andrew Cormack or subscribe on line via PayPal using the links below.

Please note that PayPal subscriptions, unless cancelled or changed by the Member, are recurring year on year. The Society recognises and accepts that subsequent PayPal subscriptions will be paid at the same time of year as the first was made, and not by 1 January each year.

The Journal is published in the middle of March, June, September and December in each year. New members joining up to 1st October inclusive will be assumed to be joining for the current year and will receive all Journals of that year. New subscribers from 2nd October will be assumed to be joining for the following year unless they specifically advise that they wish to join for the current year. Subscribers on or after 2nd October will therefore not normally receive their first Journal until the following March.

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