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Portrait miniature of a British officer by Charles Jagger, c.1810 (© Bonhams)

The Society for Army Historical Research

The Society for Army Historical Research (SAHR) is a learned society, founded in 1921 to foster "interest in the history and traditions of British and Commonwealth armies, and to encourage research in these fields." It is one of the oldest societies of its kind. Past members include notable British Field Marshals Wavell, Auchinleck and Templer.

The Society's interests embrace both army and regimental history, military antiquities and pictures, uniforms, badges and medals, arms and equipment and the history of land warfare in general. The study of campaigns, commanders and the political aspects of war are covered from the sixteenth century to the 1970s.

The main activity of the Society is the publication of a quarterly peer-reviewed scholarly Journal reflecting the members' interests and presenting the results of their own research. The Society also produces a number of special publications.

Welcome to the new-look SAHR website - we hope you like it. It's entirely for your - the members' - benefit, so any suggestions for future layout and content would be much appreciated.

See below for information on an exciting slate of upcoming events and talks, including the Templer Lecture, to be delivered by Templer Medal winner John Hussey on the Waterloo campaign in November. Our full autumn 2018 events programme can be found here. In case you missed them, feel free to browse reports of our past events, including the 2018 Annual Members' Meeting or our summer lecture on the 1813 Siege of San Sebastian. You can catch up on previous newsletters, including our latest Autumn 2018 issue, within the Publications section, where you will also find details of how to submit articles to our Journal or obtain copies of special editions. SAHR's annual Book Lists are also worth a browse. The Competitions section includes all relevant information on past and future Templer Book and Student Essay prizes. If you are thinking of applying for a University Research Grant or one of our new Independent Research Grants, please visit the Grants section to find out more.

Of course, if you are not yet a member, do consider joining to receive copies of our quarterly Journal as well as access to our events. Members are also now able to access over ninety years of digitized back issues of the Journal via JSTOR. More details are available on our Membership page.

Finally, if you need to get in touch, my details are available on our Contact Us page. Enjoy!

Ashley Truluck

Upcoming SAHR Events

2019 Annual Members' Meeting

Tuesday 9th April 2019 - find out more

Helion & Co. Conference - Life in the Red Coat: The British Soldier 1721-1815

Saturday 27th April 2019 - find out more

The British Army and the End of the First World War by Jonathan Boff

Wednesday 1st May 2019 - find out more

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SAHR News and Event Reports

Templer Lecture - Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815

Monday 12th November 2018 - find out more

Malvern Festival of Military History

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October 2018 - find out more

Ismini Pells - Everyday Soldiering, Military Welfare and the Human Costs of the English Civil Wars

Tuesday 11th September 2018 - find out more

‘Wellington, San Sebastian and Siege Warfare Revisited’ - Professor Bruce Collins

Thursday 14th June 2018 - find out more

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