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Soldiers of the 68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot

Soldiers of the 68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot, 1855, photograph by Roger Fenton (National Army Museum)

In the hope of spreading knowledge of new favourites and proven classics from the world of military publishing, The Society for Army Historical Research periodically ask a number of military historians from various backgrounds for their book recommendations. The results of these requests are published below.

Annual Booklist 2017-2018

As with last year's list, the brief was for our contributors to list their five best or favourite books on the British Army, along with a suggestion for a new book which ought to exist but has yet to be written.

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Annual Booklist 2016-2017

The brief was for five favourite books on the British Army (including Imperial, Dominion, and Commonwealth forces). At the suggestion of our most recent Templer Medal winner, Dr Rory Muir, contributors were also asked to suggest one topic for a book that does not exist but ought to be written: it is hoped that there may be someone amongst the recipients of this list who will take up the challenge and help fill some of the remaining gaps in the existing scholarship.

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